Personal Training Gaithersburg MD

Personal Training Gaithersburg MD

What To Expect from Your First CrossFit Class

Personal Training Gaithersburg MDRight now CrossFit is a big deal in the athletic community. People at regular gyms are talking about it, social media is rife with images of CrossFitters, and some of the biggest celebrities are actively participating in their daily WOD (workout of the day). If your curiosity has been spiked, you might want to head to CrossFit Hardshells, where you can try a CrossFit workout yourself, and at no obligation. Call or email us using our contact form.

What Your First CrossFit Class Might Be Like

1. It Won’t Be Overly Intense

CrossFit personal training is intense, but your first class will not be. Coaches understand that beginners need ample time to be able to complete a full WOD. Most Gaithersburg MD gyms begin with focusing on the core fundamentals of CrossFit. You will learn the movements and techniques before any intensity is introduced. While every gym is different, you can feel peace of mind in knowing that it is completely okay to take things slow in the beginning.

2. You Will Work Hard

Intensity and advanced moves won’t be a part of your first few classes, but you will still work hard. Everything will be new to you at this point, so things won’t always be easy. After a few months of CrossFit personal training, these techniques and exercises will become second nature.

3. You Will Learn the Basics of CrossFit

In your first few classes in Gaithersburg MD, your coach will teach you the nine core movements of CrossFit. These are fundamental to every other move and can be modified according to your level of skill. The nine moves include:

  • Air squat (no bar)
  • Front squat
  • Overhead squat
  • Shoulder press
  • Push press
  • Push jerk
  • Deadlift
  • Sumo deadlift high pull
  • Medicine ball clean

You don’t have to worry about knowing what these are right now. You can find out by going to your first CrossFit class at CrossFit Hardshells, right here in Gaithersburg MD.

Tips Before You Begin

1. Wear Comfy Clothing

Technically you can wear anything that allows you to move freely, but make sure it is comfortable and lightweight. Flat sneakers without a large cushioned heel will be ideal and can help you to keep your balance on certain movements.

2. There May Be Friendly Competition

Most gyms will keep score of reps or weights lifted during a class. This will allow you to view your progress, and also helps to push yourself a little bit more with every WOD. Many people like the competition factor because it offers an edge that is not available by exercising alone. Rest assured, even with the competition, you will get an immense amount of support and motivation.

3. Anyone Can Do CrossFit

CrossFit is universally scalable. A WOD can be modified by a coach so that is suits your body type, goals, athletic ability, age, and any pre-existing injuries. Make sure you talk with your coach about these things so he or she knows how to tailor the personal training WOD specifically to you.

Are You Interested in Learning More About CrossFit?

If you’re looking for a unique take on personal training Gaithersburg MD residents love, CrossFit might just be the sport for you. Stop by CrossFit Hardshells to talk with our coaches and staff. We’ll be happy to fill you in on the details of our WOD, programs, schedules, prices, and facility. Call us today.