Our Approach

At Hardshells, our programming and training method is 100% scalable to any age, skill, and fitness level. The load and intensity may vary with the individual, but the concept and the safe environment will remain the same. We offer a constantly changing array of exercises and equipment to make you ready for any physical challenge in life. The workouts will be different every single day to keep your body guessing and never get into a boring routine.


At Hardshells, our programming and training methods are scalable to any age, skill, and fitness level. We pride ourselves in creating a safe environment where everyone can actively engage in the same workout at varying levels of intensity. We offer a dynamic array of exercises and equipment to help you prepare for any physical challenge. Our daily workouts are diverse so your body is constantly adapting and we prevent you from feeling like you are in a workout rut.

We use a variety of training methods including, but not limited to, gymnastics, cardiovascular exercise, and anaerobic weight training. One of the benefits of CrossFit Hardshells is the class atmosphere that encourages teamwork, community, and accountability. The majority of our training takes place in a group atmosphere of anywhere from 2 to 15 people. For certain exercises, the class size is limited so coaches can ensure safety while providing more personalized attention to athletes. This environment helps us support you as you improve yourself further than your expectations.

The training we offer is known as “functional” training, which allows individuals to perform the activities of daily life more easily and without injuries. Functional Training involves weight bearing activities targeted at strengthening the core muscles. Squatting and lifting are essential movements that allow your body to maintain mobility later in life, and our training gives you the tools to become stronger and more efficient in these movements.

We want you to become better, faster, and stronger than you have ever been.

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