Fitness Trainer Gaithersburg MD

Fitness Trainer Gaithersburg MDIf you’ve set a health goal for yourself, one of the best ways to reach that goal is by working with a professional fitness trainer Gaithersburg MD residents trust. At CrossFit Hardshells, our goal is to be your fitness partner in helping you reach all of your fitness goals. No matter what your age, fitness level, or skill, we can help. If you would like to work with a seasoned fitness trainer in Gaithersburg MD, call us to set up a free consultation and learn how we can help you.

Our Training Methods

By working with a fitness trainer Gaithersburg MD athletes depend on, you will find that every workout provides opportunities to learn and develop your strength. We strongly believe that in order for you to achieve the best results, your exercise program should include variable routines that work different areas of the body. We incorporate several training methods including anaerobic weight training, cardiovascular exercise, and gymnastics. At CrossFit Hardshells, we truly believe that your exercise routine should be anything but routine!

Functional Training

When you work with a fitness trainer Gaithersburg MD families recommend from CrossFit Hardshells, you will perform what is referred to as “functional training.” Functional training uses weight-bearing activities which aim to strengthen the body’s core muscles. These routines will likely enable you to perform your daily activities easier and minimize the risk of injury. This ongoing training can also help you to retain mobility as you grow older. Functional training can help you maintain a higher quality of life.

Training Options

CrossFit Hardshells offers several different options for training, depending on your preference. Many of our clients enjoy participating with a group of people and take advantage of our fitness classes. These classes can be anywhere from two to 15 participants, depending on the type of class and the instruction involved. Our fitness trainers intentionally limit the size of classes to provide an optimum experience. As a result, class sizes may be smaller if the exercises being done require more personalized attention.

We also offer private training for those clients who prefer more individualized, one-on-one instruction. Private training allows you to proceed at your own pace, utilizing a training program that has been customized just for you.

We have many clients who take advantage of both types of training; participating in a group class as well as in private training. This offers participants the best of both training worlds.

Work with an Enthusiastic Fitness Trainer Gaithersburg MD Clients Love

If you would like to work with an experienced Gaithersburg fitness trainer, contact CrossFit Hardshells today. Our premiere training facility and positive environment provide the perfect place for you to reach your fitness goals. And if you have children, we also offer CrossFit for Kids. We believe that the sooner children begin healthy exercise habits, the easier it is for them to maintain optimum fitness levels throughout their lifetime.

Contact a skilled fitness trainer Gaithersburg MD provides today at 240-912-5270 to learn more about our fitness programs.