Crossfit Gym Bethesda MD

Crossfit Gym Bethesda MDIf you are looking for a new crossfit gym Bethesda MD has several facilities to choose from, but there is only one like CrossFit Hardshells. When you choose our premier athletic training facility you will find a positive environment that can help you reach and surpass your fitness goals. Whether you want to build strength or stamina, lose weight, or improve your self confidence, we can be there for you. Contact our Bethesda crossfit gym today to find out more about our facility and what we offer.

What to Look for in a Crossfit Gym in Bethesda MD

Not all crossfit gyms are created equally. Before you join one, there are certain things to consider when deciding which program to join. Here are some suggestions of what to think about:

Goal Discussions

When you visit a crossfit gym Bethesda MD has to offer, there should be an opportunity to discuss your goals with a coach or staff member of the facility. They might want to know why you are there, what you want to achieve, and how you want to do it. The trainer should be supportive, attentive, and ready to address any worries you might have.

Movement Ability

At some point the trainer may assess your movement for any motor control issues, flexibility, or injuries. He or she might also ask you about any pain you are experiencing. The trainer of the crossfit gym Bethesda MD provides may then talk about progressions and scaling options.

Beginners Program

You shouldn’t have to worry about being put into a regular, intermediate, or advanced class as a beginner. A good crossfit gym Bethesda MD men and women rely on should offer a beginners class that demonstrates care for new clients and the willingness to educate them on everything they should know about crossfit training.

The beginners program can also be a great opportunity to assess your current ability and limitations.You will get to meet other beginners, make friends, and enjoy participating in crossfit activities.

Injury Protocols

Even at a great crossfit gym Bethesda MD prefers, there may be injuries of some kind. What separates the good gyms from the bad is how the facility deals with those injuries. Your trainer or coach should be trained in basic first aid and be certified in CPR and other emergency responses. In addition, confirm that the gym has first aid kits on hand, oxygen, and other basic emergency equipment.


It should almost go without saying that you probably don’t want to spend time in a dirty and unkept crossfit gym. The equipment should be clean and set up in an organized fashion so that you don’t have to be concerned about tripping and falling. This can also ensure ease of group activities and training. Restroom and shower facilities, weights, mats, and any other gear should be free of any mold, mildew, or unpleasant odors.

Are Your Ready to Get CrossFit?

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