Crossfit For Beginners Gaithersburg MD

Crossfit for Beginners Gaithersburg MD

CrossFit Hardshells is a great choice for crossfit for beginners Gaithersburg MD offers for the community. Our classes are competitively priced and we offer a range of options to suit interests and experience levels. Our group sizes usually range between two and 15 people. Gaithersburg crossfit for beginners is exploding in popularity and we’re thrilled to be a part of it.

Our Coaches

CrossFit Hardshells is all about learning how to improve one’s physical fitness skills, getting in shape, and enjoying a community atmosphere. And our coaches love what they do! Their enthusiasm and excitement for crossfit for beginners in Gaithersburg MD is infectious. We have seven CrossFit Hardshells on staff and each is uniquely qualified to help each participant reach their goals.

Why Members Love CrossFit Hardshells

When it comes to crossfit for beginners Gaithersburg MD athletically minded people keep coming back to CrossFit Hardshells for many reasons, including these:

  • Learn new personal fitness skills and exercise techniques.
  • Motivation for self care such as healthier eating, participating in exercise, and enjoying the fresh air.
  • Improved self esteem due to naturally feeling and looking better.
  • Increased body strength, balance, and coordination.
  • Making new friends and spending time with like-minded people.

CrossFit Hardshells is for Everyone

Though the majority of our members are adults, CrossFit Hardshells is for kids and teenagers as well. We offer CrossFit Kids through our Little Hardshell workouts. If you are looking for crossfit for beginners Gaithersburg MD kids, teens, and adults can find what they need here at CrossFit Hardshells.

As a conditioning and strength program, CrossFit Kids helps teenagers and younger kids develop lifelong routines for improved fitness, strength, and overall health. We provide a fun, group setting where they can see measurable improvements that can translate to all areas of their life. We’ve seen remarkable improvements in youngsters’ ability to focus, work with others as well as socialise, and feel better about themselves. Self confidence is infectious when it comes to being a well-rounded, happy, and healthy kid. We provide Little Hardshell workouts every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday.

Crossfit for beginners Gaithersburg MD parents turn include additional fitness options for kids and young teens. Talk to us about what you and your kids may be interested in when it comes to other opportunities. At CrossFit Hardshells we also offer:

  • Birthday parties
  • Field trips
  • Summer camps
  • Multi-sport camp
  • Dual-sport camp (soccer and lacrosse)
  • Lacrosse camp

Private Crossfit Training

Some of our members who participate in CrossFit Hardshells, as well as some who don’t, enjoy the advantages of private, one-on-one crossfit training. This is an opportunity for them to work on specific areas of their training at their own pace. With individualized attention from one of our coaches, most members see improvement almost immediately. Whether you’re interested in private training in addition to your CrossFit Hardshells sessions, or instead of, talk to one of our staff to learn more.

Find Out More

To learn more about crossfit for beginners Gaithersburg MD community members love, contact CrossFit Hardshells by calling us at (240) 912-5270 or through our online form.