In the last post, the goal was for us to come back to real food. Food that has been planted, harvested, and maintained naturally. Meat that has been raised in their natural habitat (wild caught, grass-fed, or free range). Before going into specific diets, we need to come to specific foods sources- natural foods. Most diet templates will emphasize quality of food before quantities.

It is very similar to Crossfit. Before introducing intensity and logging your WODs, the mechanics and consistency of that movement is of upmost importance. The quality of movement matters more to our team of coaches than the speed and quantity of those prescribed movements.

Some diets are against dairy, others are against it. Some are for gluten and oat products, others are against it. Some diets avoid meat and animal products, others advocate for a meat only diet. One thing that is a common thread is that sugar should be avoided. If you do choose to have sugar like honey, they should be consumed in moderate to low levels.

Sugar is a source of energy, but in comparison to carbohydrates and fats it falls short. To give an analogy sugars are like gas to a fire, you will need a lot of it in order to keep a fire going. Carbohydrates can be seen as twigs and small sticks. Proteins and fats are the logs that create and keep your body moving.

To see how sugar is in a lot of “healthy” products, you can see this documentary on YouTube.