He served as an active duty Marine Officer from 1986 to 1991 with his last assignments with 2nd Force Reconnaissance Company. He deployed quite a bit, but never into a combat situation. Major Doug Zembiec received his commission 9 years after him and served in the exact same unit.  Force Recon is the hardest unit in the Marine Corps to be selected for as it requires tremendous skill, tenacity and endurance.  There were maybe 15 officers in the unit at any given time.  It is a very select group and he is honored to be able to pay tribute to his brother Doug these past two years. They never met in person, but will always be brothers.  Michael served in the active reserves until 1995 when he was severely injured by a drunk driver and was discharged for his inability to attend drills. Don’t drink and drive.
Michael is married and has 3 amazing kids. Two girls Chloe and Leah and his son Ian plays Lacrosse year round with the Megills. He has been a CEO or COO of private companies these last 8 years and he is currently lining up his next role.
When asked what he likes about Crossfit and Crossfit Hardshells , he says

“I love the intensity and variety of Crossfit … both the workouts and the people.  No matter the workout you can push yourself very hard.  Each work out I try to tolerate as much discomfort and/or pain as I can short of causing injury.  Each day is new, each workout is new and the people you are working alongside are frequently different from day to day.  I like that the exercises require skill, tenacity and endurance.  Everyday is a chance to improve.  I have so far yet to go to become good at this and I appreciate the coaches keen eyes for my mistakes.

Crossfit is great for making results happen.  Everyone should always consider themselves an athlete and to be actively in training.  Crossfit allows for training in multiple disciplines.  Unlike “lifting focused” gyms, there is little time for chit chat when you are gasping for air, AND there is also a very social sense developed between any group that is striving for results while suffering alongside of each other.  In that each day is like the Force Recon Indoctrination … you push yourself to the limits, ignore the pain but NEVER lose track of the people who chose to be alongside of you.  On days when I scale down too much and finish too fast, I’ll often catch a breath or two and start again to finish with someone who is still working.  NO ONE SHOULD EVER HAVE TO FINISH ALONE!!

The thing that keeps us all coming back to Hardshells I imagine is the camaraderie. Each time I workout I learn something new from someone.  Each time I workout I am inspired by someone.  It could be a coach, a veteran or a newcomer.  They all have something to bring and share.  I try to do the same. Pay it forward if you can. Do more than is asked and when asked, do more than expected.  I always leave feeling better than when I can in and some of that feeling comes from the workouts, but most of it comes from being with really cool people.”

Michael usually works out whenever he can. Its been a crazy year for him. He comes in at night with his son when indoor lacrosse clinics are in session. He tries to hit at least two days a week and is a regular on Saturdays