Timmy was always active growing up. He played Football and Lacrosse in High school and went on to play Lacrosse at ECU, Division 1, on club level.
He is a Commercial Real Estate Broker in Montgomery County and DC and does not have a set schedule so he attends Hardshells sporadically. He lives in Kensington with his wife Katie and they are expecting their first baby in February.
In his free time, which will probably be gone once the baby comes, he plays golf in the summer and snow ski in the winter. He tries to play paddle tennis but Eric Cada and Frank Osborn are always hogging the courts.

Timmy is one of our original 10 to 15 members when we first opened. He played lacrosse with Ray after college and he needed to get back into shape. He is not really a self motivator when it comes to the gym so the structure of the workouts and his friendship with Ray brought him to Hardshells and then when Hardshells added a shower, he decided to stick around.

He likes the structure of Crossfit. Working out with other people around you, pushing you makes it a lot of fun. Because he doesn’t stretch on his own, he likes how Crossfit makes you commit to warming up and then stretching after the work out.

What he likes about Hardshells? — The Bro Reps, The High fives, Adam’s procrastination about actually working out and Brian Megills “Can Do” attitude.

He usually works out with either the 945 or the noon class.