Happy Mothers Day and here’s a few words from Crossfit Mom SARAH CATES

“I have been CrossFitting since June 2013 – 3 months after my daughter was born, and after a pregnancy with lots of pizza and 0 exercise! I couldn’t even do full squats on 10lb wall ball shots when I started and frequently waddled out of classes but I LOVED it. I’ve never been a huge sports / exercise person, trying a little bit of everything, but sticking with nothing. CrossFit was the first and only sport that I enjoyed. I loved the technical side of the lifting, the intentionality behind workouts (instead of “oh I guess I will do some cardio and some bicep curls…”) and especially the community. Nothing like sweating with people, especially close friends!

Now, I’m CrossFitting through my third pregnancy, and even more committed to the sport than I was at the beginning. It gives me a way to connect with Chris – a competitive, elite athlete by nature – and also a way to maintain a strong sense of self and self-accomplishment. As a mom it’s so easy to get caught up only in kid stuff and your accomplishments become THEIR accomplishments. “We got through a whole day with no tantrums!” could easily become the highlight of your day. There’s nothing wrong with that, but I don’t want my kids to become my identity. I’m more than a mom. And CrossFit and lifting is one of the few, easy and simple ways to hold on to that. My clean and jerk PRs are all my own. My second-day sore making me take the steps super slow is all for me.

While raising a daughter, CrossFitting and getting to a happy place with my body – not just aesthetically but physically, being strong and fit – is INCREDIBLY important to me. I want to pass that on to Brooklyn. One of my favorite things about CrossFit is that it encourages women to be strong and fit – and as long as they’re working towards that, what their body looks like is not important. On top of that, the better shape I’m in, means the more I can stand and rock an infant for hours on end, the more I can carry around a 40lb toddler who doesn’t feel well, the more I can run and play with them. It’s essential to everything I do.

Plus, it lets me eat pizza. And doughnuts. And queso. Mmmm, queso.”