Paul is a 33 year old US Army Captain in the Army Medical Department and an Occupational therapist at Walter Reed National Military Medical Center. He is a very active person with his athletic training, medical professional training, and hobby pursuits – woodworking, kayaking, hiking, cycling, and cooking.
Paul’s athletic background ranges from Hockey, Football, Surfing and Track to Saber/Foil fencing. He has been lifting weights since his freshman year in high school. He was getting bored with the same routine everyday so he started Crossfit in January 2015.

He moved from Fort Bliss, TX to Walter Reed, MD earlier this year and he was so excited to leave the high mountain desert for the lush green woods as well as the metro DC area. “CF Hardshells drew me in because it’s a homey box with serious athletes that isn’t cramped into the rush of the city and there’s room to breathe. PSS is also very appreciative of Service Members and Veterans. The staff has worked hard to build and maintain a high quality and safe environment for the CF basics. CF Hardshells keeps members engaged with tech and social media solutions. The box has a “Go Hard” mentality and engages people to push themselves and each other” he said.

His reason for Crossfit…..”I’ve worked out for a great portion of my life and always strive for improvement. My workouts stayed very routine and targeted for many many years. I got tired of the same old game with very boring goals. CF interested me because it offered a break of tired old routines and dynamic challenges that would push me in new ways. The group workouts grabbed my competitive side and push me to be a better team member every time. The coaches help break bad habits and have helped me get out of my own head when I’m overthinking life and lifting. Altogether CF throws challenges at me every workout that help me grow and take on life/work/family/personal challenges with intensity and determination”

He is usually at the 5 or 6 pm class depending on how fast he can escape work and what part of the metro is broken that day.