Melissa is a Physician specializing in Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation and develop treatment plans for people with sports injuries, Neurologic conditions and other orthopedic problems. Physical activity plays an integral role in her work as she is constantly discussing the importance of exercise, emphasizing how helpful it is to find something you love to do.

Melissa played sports all her life but became relatively sedentary as time went on. She joined a few globo gyms over the course of a few years but did not find workouts there engaging or sustainable, nor did they provide satisfying results. An acquaintance told her about crossfit and at her introductory classes she was hooked. She was looking for a new box when she moved to the area and she found Hardshells.

Crossfit gave her a new outlook on personal fitness and weight training and because of it , she does many things she never thought she would- particularly a lot of the lifting that she has come to enjoy. Her husband stays busy with Martial Arts and is very supportive of her habit. She usually work out with the 6 pm class and is a regular on Saturdays.