Meet Jared Ray and Erin Fothergill “JERIN”

Erin played soccer and tennis growing up and was a big runner during the off-seasons. When she was in college she was a fitness instructor and taught BodyPump(a strength/weight lifting class) and interval training classes.

Jared played chess in high school and competed in video game tournaments
on the weekends.

Erin works as a government contractor for the CDC on their National Health and Nutrition Examination Survey. When shes not at work or working out, she loves cooking, dreaming up new ways to decorate the apartment, or hanging out with their dog Toby.

Jared loves playing pickup basketball and soccer as another form of exercise.

As a fitness instructor Erin had always wanted to try Crossfit. When she first
moved here she joined Class Pass to help her figure out which local gym she wanted to join. She saw that Hardshells was an option, went to a couple intro sessions, and then she was hooked.

Jared has been at Hardshells from the beginning. A bunch of his friends and he came over from another gym when Hardshells opened.

Erin loves that in Crossfit there is constantly something to improve on. Boredom is not a thing. She also prefers workouts that are an equal combination of love, hatred, and nausea so Crossfit fits the bill.

Jared likes that one can always get better at it by pushing yourself.

What does “Jerin” like about Hardshells?

Erin- The people. I moved up here knowing no one and the gym quickly became my favorite part of being in MD. The transition from college to the real world was way harder than I expected. Hardshells and its people were easily the highlight of my day and a big reason I’m staying in MD (or at least for one of them….)

Jared- I really like the strong community that we have and how we like to push each other, but we can have fun and joke with each other as well.

They both normally work out with the 5 pm class.


*From Erin’s perspective with Jared’s approval and insight*

When I first started coming to the gym, I had a tendency to keep to myself and not talk to anyone. Gradually I started to warm up to people, including Jared. I would say we started becoming friends/flirting in September or October of last
year. Apparently in November Ray started to threaten Jared that if he didn’t ask me out soon Ray would ask me out for him. Week after week we talked more and more- I would actually look at Wodify to make sure I was signed up for the
same class as him. Sure enough the day after my birthday, December 15th , he asked me out on our first date. I wasn’t sure it was a date at first, since he wanted me to help him pick out a Christmas gift for Lindsay at lulu lemon…. A
couple days later though he was given Caps game tickets for the same night we had planned to go shopping so he asked if I wanted to go to the game too. Then I was sure it actually was a date. Needless to say the date went extremely well
and I came back early from spending the holidays with my family so I could spend New Year’s Eve with him. Here we are almost a year later getting MARRIED on New Year’s Eve. You could say we knew where things were headed from the get-go. When you know, you know…

Don’t forget to wish them the very best the next time you see them as they start their new life on New Year’s Eve