What is your athletic background?
-Korrin: None, really. I walked whenever I was behind trees in Junior High Cross Country and threw up every.single.race, and was afraid of the ball in “pigtail” league softball when I was 7-8.

-Eric: I did Muay Thai kickboxing on and off for about 7 years. I love basketball and I’m a terrible skateboarder. Also my crew at work is obsessed with Ultimate Frisbee.

Korrin grew up in northern Ohio. She is a digital and studio art teacher and she will be teaching computer science and web design next year. She works for Montgomery County Public Schools, and is a freelance graphic designer.

Eric grew up in Oregon, joined the army, became a paramedic/firefighter and moved to Virginia. He is a Firefighter in Fairfax County, VA. But he’s a mustache consultant on the side.

They met at a mutual friends wedding where Korrin was the Maid Of Honor. She was in town helping the bride look for a dress when they attended happy hour with the Groom’s shift. Eric works with the groom. Despite their best efforts to not creep on their friends’ friend, they both failed. They were long distance for 9 months, then they moved to Maryland together.

While Korrin was still living in Ohio, Eric joined a box in Virginia. Since moving to Maryland, he had been wanting to find a place they could workout together. They put it off for a long time, but Korrin accidentally bought a Groupon that apparently wasn’t supposed to be for purchase. “Adam graciously took us in.” they said

What do you like about Crossfit and What does Crossfit mean to both of you personally and as a couple?

-Korrin: It took me a minute to get used to the incredible support that other members provide to one another, and the vested interest they have in your success. When there is a personal victory, everyone celebrates as though it were their own. There are so many things I struggle with, which has transpired into a literal spreadsheet of very specific goals I have set for myself. I am looking forward to looking back on the days where all I could do was what I am doing right now.

-Eric: Crossfit closely mimics the physical demands of my job, makes me better, and more importantly: harder to kill. Also Planet Fitness kept making me put my shirt back on. When life and aging for most people is often viewed as just a slow, steady decline. It mean getting better, every day a little bit stronger, a little bit faster, working a little bit harder than I could the day before. My favorite exercise is a hybrid crunch and lunge, it’s called “lunch.”

As a couple we push each other in a positive way. When one of us goes, we both go. Unless Eric is out saving all of the babies. We always have a partner. I know he won’t be disappointed in my performance, but will also push me to do better. Provides a place where we can further support each other, and be proud of the other’s accomplishments. Seeing each other work hard, pushes each of us to work even harder. We have a few similar strengths, which are mainly height-specific like rowing. And similar weaknesses: burpees, thrusters… This one is a longer list.

Eric is WAY better at double unders than Korrin (whose max is finally at 2), and he thinks she recovers entirely too fast.

It’s either this or sitting and binge watching Netflix forever. While we still occasionally do imbibe, but not quite as often.

When asked what they like about Hardshells and What keeps them coming back …

-Korrin: I’ve gained ten pounds, but have less body fat than I did when I joined.

-Eric: Hardshells is exactly what I was hoping my home box would be when I discussed starting Crossfit with Korry. The coaches are engaging, knowledgeable, safety-conscious, and really really ridiculously handsome (do I get points for this?). The members are friendly, super supportive and competitive in the best ways.

Eric and Korrin have been members since November 2015. They are getting married in less than a Month. When you see them next, don’t forget to wish them the very best as they begin a new chapter in their life.