Bri has been a Hardshell for a few months now. You may not have seen her recently, as she had been preparing for a half Ironman triathlon. Bri comes from another CrossFit gym in the area, and has been CrossFitting for quite a while.

On October 17th, Bri raced in the Beach to Battleship half triathlon in Wilmington, North Carolina. Bri is an avid Triathlon runner, and has done them in the past. This one however, she set a Personal Best time of 04:51:48, surpassing her previous best by more than 11 minutes, in the Overall Women division she placed SECOND!!

Bri has really enjoyed keeping up with the Hatch Squat Cycle, and attributes partial success in her PR time to the strength gains from squatting.

Say hello, welcome, and congratulations, to Bri next time you see her, she hangs out in the 4:00 and 5:00 level 2 classes!