Bob is a Dir. of Professional Services in the software/services industry. He is also the father of 2 adorable boys.

Bob has been a multi-sport athlete through High School. Club lacrosse in college, multi-sport/adventure racing post-grad. What he loves about Crossfit is the Dynamic workout schemes and the training mechanism for adventure racing. Bob uses Crossfit for Multi-dimensional training and for holistic performance improvement.

Bob’s favorite Crossfit WODs are with METCONS featuring barbell movements and aerobic stress, e.g., cleans and rowing.

Bob likes the camaraderie among members at Hardshells and the space. He also likes that Hardshells is always a clean and well maintained facility. He usually works out during the 6:30 am class.

Bob got his first BAR MUSCLE UP during the Open 16.3. Great Job Bob!!!