Allison has always enjoyed physical activity as part of her life style but she hasn’t always been the most physically fit of persons growing up. When she was a pre-teen demo’ing the latest 90’s style mushroom bowl haircut, she ate a ton of her grandmother’s apple cobbler and she readily bulked up. Running was hard and finding a pair of non-husky pair of jeans was rough. So when she hit high school she started playing volleyball. She started as a 5’3 setter and by her senior year she was a more athletically toned 5’10 middle blocker. She went on to play volleyball in college and ended up joining CrossFit four years ago when a good friend of hers, also a college athlete, knew that she would appreciate the challenge, hard work, and dedication that came with CrossFit style workouts.

She is an Occupational Therapist which basically means,in her words ” I’m awesome and I can help you learn how to tie your shoes again.” She loves to travel and spend most of her time if not working out, then exploring. There was that one time when she got really bad food poisoning all by herself in Istanbul and ended up …… Not married but definitely in lurrrrv L O V E with her boo thang Dijon minus the J, spicy like the mustard. He makes her sandwich!!

When she moved to Maryland she was looking for fun friendly gym and her CAR bought her to Hardshells.

She loves that CrossFit gives average people the ability to find their confidence within to believe that they truly are amazing and awesome, at any age and at any size, about any and everything. It’s not about the muscles you develop or the inches you may gain or lose, it’s about making people feel great about themselves for who they are and what they can do. And what’s even greater about this confidence is how it transcends into every other aspect of their lives. It makes people happy and helps them realize that literally nothing is impossible.

What does she like about Crossfit Hardshells? – Watching Sean Reeves Clean and Jerk creepily and secretly behind the rig.

5-6 is when you can usually catch her and her truffle shuffle/chub rub goin’ HAM